Over the last two weeks, the New York Times and the Washington Post published two “must-read” articles around intelligent strength training.
The first article appeared in the New York Times and summarizes a recent research study that lends further credence to the idea of performing one set to the point of muscle failure and making one’s workouts shorter and more efficient. 
The second article, published in the Washington Post, summarized Discover Strength’s latest research study (completed one year ago at our Chanhassen location) in which many of our clients served as subjects. The study was published in the journal, Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism just a few weeks ago. The Post journalist, Amby Burfoot, former Boston Marathon Champion and editor in chief of Runner’s World magazine, interviewed our colleague and the study’s co-author, Dr. James Fisher. 
Enjoy these excellent reads and thank you to the many clients who served as subjects in this landmark study!

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