"Protect the Asset" and New Sleep Research

A new paper published in the journal "The European Health Psychologist," examines the impact of sleep on our eating behavior.  The author cites research stating that sleep deprivation, defined as receiving less than seven hours of sleep per night, negatively impacts our food choices and is correlated with obesity.  A lack of sleep impacts our executive function and reduces our inhibitory control.  Specifically, a lack of sleep acutely leads us to choosing foods that are unhealthy, high-calorie, and high-fat; and this is seen across all ages and ethnicities.  As a health and fitness minded person, we often find ourselves wading through piles of nutrition information as we contemplate decisions around calories, marco-nutrients, phytochemicals, intermittent fasting, and about a thousand other nutrition related elements.  However, maybe the most succinct and evidence based advice for improving our nutrition choices and improving our body composition is this: Sleep more.

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